Meet Walter

I have been adjusted chiropractically for the last 57 years. How I originally started to take adjustments is that I was an asthmatic and the medication I was given took longer and longer and longer, and I thought, well, I keep this up, I’m going to see even stronger medication.

My brother was a chiropractor and I went to the chiropractor clinic in New York City. And they looked at me and told me what I could do. And it helped me a great deal. I never took any asthmatic medicine again.

It’s a great place because the thing I like is first of all, when you come in, if you have an appointment at 4:15, you get taken care of right away. The people out of the desk are wonderful. They also have a treatment where they stimulate your back even before the adjustments to loosen you up. Then there was a chiropractic adjustment and they have roller tables which are nice. And if you have any problems walking whenever they have physical therapy.

So, I’m extremely happy up here with the service, and I’ve been coming up here for 10 years. And it’s the thing, I’m an 81-year-old male, and I work six days a week, and one of the reasons I’m so active is because of the chiropractic treatment that I’m getting, especially now because they’re wonderful up here.