Meet Randa

When I was a kid, I was in this really, really bad sports injury and I had rehabilitated. But as I got older and working in New York, the stress of the city, I’m sitting on a computer, my poor posture, carrying heavy, heavy laptops, I started really getting a lot of pain, chronic pain, and muscle tension, pain shooting down my arms, so someone had recommended Dr. Yaiser and 43rd Street Physical Medicine. So I came here and I really instantly felt the rapport with the staff.

Right from the reception to the physical therapist and Dr. Yaiser himself, it’s very friendly environment, it’s a beautiful facility actually. I feel so much healthier being here, everything from the electric stimulation to the physical therapy to the adjustments, the acupuncture and massage, they put everything together to make a complete package for you so that you are addressing both the bone and the muscle together and it really helps and it has definitely made me feel a lot better.

I recommend them to my friends.