Meet Julio

There were times that I was doing well. There were times that my back gave up on me in the middle of the street, on my way to work at that time. And to a point that I had to go to an emergency room because I wasn’t able to move. My back gave up on me on the train, in the morning, I was off for a week, I was off for a whole month. I had to go for surgery.

And it was a hard decision to make because it was very risky to do the type of surgery they wanted to do on me. They had to do two infusions and they had to put two rods with four screws – that’s what I have on me right now. Now I’m going to a physical therapy at Dr. Yaiser’s office and they’re helping me get my strength back, develop my muscles and bone, my abdominal area, my back area, my buttock area, my whole entire leg.

I lost a lot muscle mass in my leg. So I had to start to walk all over again like a little baby, which is very emotional for me because I saw myself crippled, a person that – I’ve always been independent in my whole entire life and now, I see myself unable to do nothing for myself, not even to go to the bathroom, put on a shoe or bend.

But physical therapy in this office is helping me. I’m gaining my strength back. I’m able to put my shoes back on. I’m able to walk a little better and I’m very thankful that Dr. Yaiser and the staff everybody here is very friendly, very compassionate and understanding. And I’m very grateful; I’m in good hands. I still have a long way to recover but I have good faith with Dr. Yaiser and this office that I will get there.