Meet Rahnsan

I first started coming here to receive acupuncture, I was having kind of chronic knee problems from an ACL tear and lateral meniscus tear that I had experienced about five or six years earlier. And I tried physical therapy and other things and nothing seemed to work and someone suggested acupuncture which I never tried but I was willing to try it and I tried and it worked, it worked wonders. 5 out of 5


Meet Lars

I had back pains for most of my life and I’ve gone to many different doctors and chiropractors over the years. About two years ago, it got a lot worse. I came here and met Dr. Yaiser and had a consultation with him.

Subsequently, I was treated with by the staff here and then was recommended to do surgery. And after the surgery, I returned here for physical therapy with Marvin, which has been absolutely terrific and the amount of time he spent with me one on one has really, really helped me in the months after.

Right now, I feel like I’m really on the right track after many years of issues... I would recommend this place to anyone.


Meet Randa

When I was a kid, I was in this really, really bad sports injury and I had rehabilitated. But as I got older and working in New York, the stress of the city... I started really getting a lot of pain, chronic pain and muscle tension... so someone had recommended Dr. Yaiser and 43rd Street Physical Medicine. I came here and I really instantly felt the rapport with the staff.

I feel so much healthier being here, everything from the electric stimulation to the physical therapy to the adjustments, the acupuncture and massage, they put everything together to make a complete package for you... and it really helps and it has definitely made me feel a lot better.

I recommend them to my friends.


Meet Emily

I started coming to see Dr. Yaiser 4 years ago because I had an ITP injury from running. I just completed my first marathon, and Dr. Yaiser and Marvin and Phil treated me and I was able to be running again and with no pain in three weeks, which is actually very quick time to heal for a runner.

I always recommend Dr. Yaiser’s office to all my running friends and everyone on my team.


Meet Victor

I have coming to 43rd Street Physical Medicine Rehabilitation for a number of years now. I have a long history my family always believing in chiropractic when I was a little kid. I used to go for an adjustment if I had a cold or something, so I always believed in it. And I lived in L.A. for a while I had a very good chiropractor out there and I sort of didn’t have one here.

And then, one of the things I do for a living is I narrate audio books so I’m sitting a lot very still and a lot of the energy winds up going into my upper back, my lower back. So I really felt the need to on a regular basis, get checked and be adjusted because I was having some issues. And I came here. I’ve been here a couple of times before but then I started coming in a fairly regular basis and it’s a fantastic office, all the doctors – I have been adjusted by all of them. They’re great, they’re gentle. They seem very knowledgeable, very personable.


Meet Julio

There were times that my back gave up on me in the middle of the street, on my way to work at that time. And to a point that I had to go to an emergency room because I wasn’t able to move. My back gave up on me on the train, in the morning, I was off for a week, I was off for a whole month. I had to go for surgery.

So I had to start to walk all over again like a little baby, which is very emotional for me because I saw myself crippled, a person that – I’ve always been independent in my whole entire life and now, I see myself unable to do nothing for myself, not even to go to the bathroom, put on a shoe or bend.

But physical therapy in this office is helping me. I’m gaining my strength back. I’m able to put my shoes back on. I’m able to walk a little better and I’m very thankful that Dr. Yaiser and the staff everybody here is very friendly, very compassionate and understanding. And I’m very grateful; I’m in good hands. I still have a long way to recover but I have good faith with Dr. Yaiser and this office that I will get there.


Meet Deborah

I’m suffering from really, really bad sciatica and I was in a lot of pain. I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t sit comfortably, I couldn’t walk comfortably and a good friend of mine recommended that I come see the doctors, the chiropractors at 43rd Street Physical Medicine. And they took the time when I first came in to really get to know me a little bit and understand what my problems were.

We’ve been going through a course of treatment for about four years now, and they totally made me feel so much better, so much de-stress, I can move without discomfort and I come here not only when I’m in pain but I also come to just maintain that sense of wellness that I get from chiropractic services.


Meet Denise

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Yaiser for the last 2 years. About 10 years ago, I was struck by a vehicle, crossing the street and had some muscle damage as well as some disc injuries.

For the last two years, I have felt complete. The services and the team here at 43rd Medical have been amazing - The atmosphere is amazing. I’ve recommended more than 20 people here.


Meet Walter

I have been adjusted chiropractically for the last 57 years. How I originally started to take adjustments is that I was an asthmatic and the medication I was given took longer and longer and longer, and I thought, well, I keep this up, I’m going to see even stronger medication.

My brother was a chiropractor and I went to the chiropractor clinic in New York City. And they looked at me and told me what I could do. And it helped me a great deal. I never took any asthmatic medicine again.

It’s a great place because the thing I like is first of all, when you come in, if you have an appointment at 4:15, you get taken care of right away. The people out of the desk are wonderful. They also have a treatment where they stimulate your back even before the adjustments to loosen you up. Then there was a chiropractic adjustment and they have roller tables which are nice. And if you have any problems walking whenever they have physical therapy.

So, I’m extremely happy up here with the service, and I’ve been coming up here for 10 years. And it’s the thing, I’m an 81-year-old male, and I work six days a week, and one of the reasons I’m so active is because of the chiropractic treatment that I’m getting, especially now because they’re wonderful up here.