Sports Therapy for Wounded Warriors

an athlete doing exercise with physiotherapist

Athletes, whether professional or amateur, are finely-tuned machines.  They live to compete and to push their bodies as far as they can go, to be the very best they can be.  They want to win.  They want to be the best at their chosen sport.

It’s often the case that athletes push themselves a little further than the body’s willing to go.  That can result in injuries.  When these are just left to resolve themselves, they can become chronic problems which affect performance – sometimes, permanently.

Every athlete should have an ongoing dialogue with their body that allows an honest assessment of injuries like muscle pulls and more serious problems, like rotator cuff and hamstring tears.

Listening to the body is a skill most athletes have.  But their drive to outperform themselves and others sometimes drowns out the body-mind dialogue.

And that’s when injuries are most likely to happen – when the lines of communication get lost in the thrill of competition.

Sports therapy as a life practice.

Because they’re so driven, athletes need the support of a mediator in their mind-body dialogue that ensures the message is not only being heard, but heeded.  Sports therapy works with athletes to not only treat and heal injuries, but to prevent them from happening.

A sports therapy professional is an athlete’s best friend.  Indispensable to professional sports people, amateur athletes can also draw on their knowledge of musculoskeletal challenges to stay at the top of their games.  Sports therapy clinicians know how the mind of an athlete works and how to remind them that being a champion demands moderation and great care of the body.

Athletes understand their bodies, but professional sports therapy support at their side ensures that this understanding plays out in prudent athletic hygiene, like adequate stretching and supportive exercises that maintain balance in the body.

Expert sports therapy.

Located in the heart of Times Square, 43rd Street Medical offers 360˚ sports therapy that addresses the need for medically-informed athlete support.  Our team of doctors and therapists treats a wide range of people.  From runners to weight lifters, from cycling enthusiasts to sports professionals, we know athletes and we know how to deliver the sports therapy support they need.

Comprehensive sports therapy engages the contributions of multiple disciplines, from physical therapy to chiropractic and acupuncture.  These areas of medicine encompass numerous therapeutic tools, capable of providing athletes with the suite of treatments they need to keep their bodies in top condition.

At 43rd Street Medical, we’re committed to sports therapy that fully supports athletes.  We help them recover from injury, but we’re also focused on helping them find ways to prevent injuries and to practice athletic hygiene that helps them do it.

We’re the athlete’s best friend, with sports therapy services that help them stay in the game and get back in it when they’ve had a set back.

If you’re a runner, a cyclist, or a rink star, we’re here for you, with sports therapy that supports your athletic ambitions.  Contact us to discover sports therapy support that keeps you in the game.