Why Physical Therapy Is an Important Part of Orthopedic Care

a young man receiving orthopedic care

Physical therapists are everywhere.  They’re in hospitals working with post-operative patients, in schools and universities and even in some workplaces.  They practice a supportive, holistic therapy which takes the patient’s overall state of wellness into account.  That’s why physical therapy is an important part of orthopedic care – it’s a discipline that sees the patient as an individual.

When the body’s systems are out of balance, dysfunction occurs.  An important part of the physical therapist’s job is to discern the reasons behind physical dysfunction in the musculoskeletal system and to restore the balance that allows for normal function and freedom from pain.

Calling on the services of a physical therapist as part of patient orthopedic care creates a crucial partnership with the patient.  Physical therapists are hands-on guides that understand the musculoskeletal system as a prototype that manifests differently in each patient.  While the blueprint is the same for all human bodies, its manifestations are infinitely diverse.

The path to recovery.

Because of the diversity of the musculoskeletal system in individuals, physical therapy is almost always prescribed as part of the recovery and healing process by surgeons.  The relationship between the physical therapist and the patient is one of understanding, listening and collaborating to discern the therapeutic way forward.

By working intimately with the patient, physical therapists can guide patients to participate in their own healing process, by offering exercises and therapeutic supports which serve to restore physical balance and return the body to full function.  It’s this intimate working relationship that’s most important.  It’s the reason why physical therapy is an important part of orthopedic care.

With a thorough knowledge of the patient and the particularities of the injury or ailment, the physical therapist guides the patient on the path to recovery.

A conservative approach.

Physical therapy represents a conservative approach to recovery from orthopedic injuries and surgical interventions to correct anomalies in the musculoskeletal system.  While pharmaceutical therapies may be employed in the initial stages of recovery, the physical therapist’s work renders these less necessary, as therapy continues.

Using manual manipulation and other therapeutic responses, the physical therapist walks with the patient on the path to recovery, providing support, encouragement, and expertise to ease the process.  Adjusting responses as the patient’s function and quality of life are restored, physical therapy is a key to full recovery.

Those who haven’t undergone surgery can draw on the skills of physical therapists to learn how to help their bodies heal and function more normally.  Those suffering from arthritis will find that physical therapy is a vital component of living a fuller life.

43rd Street Medical – integrated physical therapy.

At 43rd Street Medical, our integrated team of pain specialists deploys physical therapy that is supported by chiropractic, acupuncture and sports medicine.  This multi-disciplinarian approach is highly individualized to serve the needs of our patients.

We know why physical therapy is an important part of orthopedic care at 43rd Street.  Contact us to discover the difference it can make to your orthopedic care.