Physical therapy is a widely-practiced sector of medicine with far-reaching applications.  For the management and resolution of pain, for those facing surgery, or for people who are recovering from surgical interventions, a physical therapist is a source of support and relief.

Here in New York City’s Time Square, you’ll find outstanding physical therapy services at 43rd Street Medical.  Our team represents clinicians from the disciplines of acupuncture, chiropractic, physical therapy and rehabilitative sports medicine.  At 43rd Street, our patients have access to a full range of pain management and relief resources, offering personalized care.

With a suite of treatments and therapies falling these four disciplines, physical therapy is complemented by the support of a multi-disciplinarian team that brings you the very best individual care available.

Your physical therapist – your partner.

A physical therapist partners with you, exploring your medical history and assembling a program of care that emphasizes your unique health status and needs.  From rehabilitation to preparation for surgery, your 43rd Street physical therapist is your partner.

Highly trained, the physical therapy team at 43rd Street Medical consists entirely of licensed professionals.  Every member of our team relies on leading-edge diagnostic protocols to precisely pinpoint physical anomalies which lead to pain at their source.   Deploying state-of-the-art technology, we’re equipped to deliver outstanding treatment and enduring pain relief.

Accurate diagnostics allow us to assemble comprehensive therapy plans tailored to your needs.  If you’re seeking exceptional physical therapy in New York City, you’re looking for the clinical excellence at 43rd Street.

Accurate, timely diagnosis is where successful and expeditious healing begins.  It tells your physical therapist the direction your treatment needs to take and ensures that you arrive at your destination – renewed quality of life.

Athletes of all kinds.

43rd Street’s team of physical therapists welcomes athletes of kinds, whether professional or amateur.  Regular physical therapy serves athletes with increased range of motion, endurance and the prevention of common injuries.

With a keen awareness of the needs of athletes, our physical therapy team is prepared to help rehabilitate you from injuries, prevent re-injury and be the very best you can be, to stay at the top of your game.

Physical therapy plus.

We’re a team of clinicians committed to treating, alleviating and managing pain.  We’re also rehabilitation specialists who can re-build your body and return you to normative function.  A physical therapist at 43rd Street is supported by a dedicated group of medical professionals with your wellbeing in mind.

Our multi-disciplinarian approach is your assurance of the best therapeutic care in New York City.  With clinical responses tailored to your individual needs, our team is on your team.

Contact us to discover multi-disciplinarian physical therapy at 43rd Street Medical in New York City.