• Treats frown lines, under-eye wrinkles, neck lines, and more
  • Volumize cheeks, jawlines, & templates
  • Fill out thin lips and improve sagging hands
  • Botox® is an injectable derived from a purified protein

Results will vary depending on body type, genetic makeup, and lifestyle.



Everyone wants to look and feel their very best. It’s part of what gives us the confidence we need to get through daily life, feeling as though we can take on anything.

And daily life brings with it stress and anxiety that shows up on our bodies. There’s plenty we can do to ameliorate the signs life and time leave on our faces and bodies. And Botox therapy is one of the most effective.

Botox is an injectable agent derived from a purified protein. From fine lines and wrinkles to hands that need a pick-me-up, to cheeks that could use a lift, Botox is a modern miracle with effects which last for months.

Our one-time offer.

If you’ve been contemplating Botox and what it can do for your appearance, now’s the time to take advantage of our one-time offer.

Botox treatments usually cost $250 per region treated. But you can visit us for our one-time offer, bringing you the superlative benefits of Botox for only $175 for each region treated.

That’s a $75 saving!

And the more regions you treat, the more you’ll save, as you see the incredible results this trusted cosmetic therapy offers.

Both preventative and restorative.

The effects of Botox therapy are both preventative and restorative. For people anticipating the summer sun and the squinting that comes with it, strategic Botox injections can save you from the resulting crow’s feet.

Because Botox therapy inhibits movement (but does not freeze, contrary to what you may have heard) in muscle groups involved in facial expressions, lines and wrinkles can be prevented. Crow’s feet, especially, are a favored target of many people who come to us for this time-honored therapy.

But Botox can also restore lost skin volume in cheeks, temples and your jawline. The effects of Botox therapy in these areas is nothing short of striking, imparting a fresher, rejuvenated appearance.

No one will suspect you’ve had Botox therapy. After about two weeks, you’ll look rested and refreshed. Even those who know you best will never guess you’ve had anything more involved than a restful vacation.

Our licensed technicians.

We can’t talk about Botox therapy without acknowledging some of the negative media it’s received over the years.
Because of its widespread availability, not everyone offering the therapy is a specialist and not everyone applies it ethically and conservatively.

At 43rd Street Medical, we’re a team of licensed, trained clinicians who bring you Botox therapy that’s subtle and expertly applied. Our mission is to send you home looking your best. That’s why our technicians are all licensed professionals.

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Smooth, glowing skin that lasts for months can now be yours, with the help of Botox therapy.

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