Acupuncture for Stress — NYC Wellness Professionals Explain Why It Works

Most people know how stress feels – it’s like everything goes down the uncomfortable and unnatural path. Muscles tense up, there’s that tight knot in the stomach, and sometimes you experience both, plus a really bad headache. The even bigger problem here is that no matter how hard you try to relax and calm yourself down, this awful combination of sensations remains.

According to an American Psychological Association poll, people are feeling stress more than ever before, and it’s a more frequent occurrence for women, which in many ways is understandable due to the sheer volume of responsibilities and expectations they have to meet. A lot of women (and men, too) are perennially under stress and this can easily lead to serious health issues. Stress triggers the release of large amounts of adrenaline and cortisol which divert blood flow toward the muscles, brain and heart and away from other areas. With blood not being distributed properly throughout the body, the body’s immunity weakens, making it more susceptible to illnesses.

Overall, stress can make you sick – seriously sick. Therefore, learning how to deal with it is a must for health restoration. There are many options for stress management and one that you may be recommended to try is acupuncture for stress NYC natural wellness professionals have been using this Oriental method of healing to alleviate stress and its effects.

How is acupuncture good for stress?

Well, according to wellness experts, acupuncture is known for restoring the qi’s balance, and this is what gets messed up when the body goes on a “fight or flight” response due to stress. Studies also reveal that people who get regular acupuncture treatment witness a significant difference in the impact of stressors on their overall well-being; they feel more relaxed and peaceful. The strategic positioning of acupuncture needles in various pressure points (called acupoints) stimulates these points, and activates and enhances the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Likewise, in a study released by the Journal of Endocrinology a couple of years ago, it was proven that acupuncture can significantly lower stress hormones (adrenaline and cortisol). It’s also worth adding that the session itself, which allows people to focus on nothing other than the procedure, is a great respite from the many worries that trigger the body’s natural stress response.

Therefore, if you’re dealing with either short-term or long-term stress and you badly need to calm down and restore focus, acupuncture is one effective solution to try. It will help you mellow out and feel so much better.